There are only two places in the world where we can live happy:


-Ernest Hemingway



Public service professional by trade and world wanderer by heart.

Once upon a time I moved to Paris, fell in love (with the City, I already had a husband), and left in heartbreak (over the expiration of my work visa). When I moved back in the states, I traded Paris for palm trees in Charleston, South Carolina and now I’m chasing dreams and sunsets in both of my cities, with additional world travels and daily mishaps sprinkled in between.

I moved to Paris thinking I needed to find myself, but left with something even better- I found my place in this big, beautiful world that inspired more of who I was already meant to be! Now I do my best to share and spur that in others through blogging, customized trip itineraries, and leading group travel.

I’ve learned that my zeal for adventure is rooted in a love of people, culture, and learning new things- not to mention an overly enthusiastic disposition that makes the magic of a sparkling Eiffel Tower, last minute ticket deal, or perfectly curated cocktail worth celebrating every time! When I’m not planning my (or your) next travel adventure, you will most likely catch me reading a book on the beach, running in the sunshine, or sipping a coffee or beer based on the time of day. Tchin tchin!

Join me in the journey as I share travel tips, city guides, Parisian adventures, and local love.

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