Paris window view

Life, travel, wine- they’re all meant to be shared, and preferably in Paris!

Fill up your travel cup by joining me and a group of like-minded travelers on a trip of a lifetime to Paris in October. 

Travel Filled’s group trips are designed to facilitate meangingful travel for conscientious, passionate women looking to connect over shared adventures and cultural experiences while seeing the best of Paris. 

Not only does booking a group trip through Travel Filled eliminate the stress of planning a trip on your own, it gives you the opportunity to build new friendships and a support network that lasts well beyond your week abroad. 

Would I be a good fit for this trip?

Travel filled women value connection and inclusivity, both with their fellow travelers and locals they meet along the way. If you identify with the characteristics below, we would love to have you join our travel party!

+ You are open-minded and believe there is much to learn from other cultures and perspectives.

+ You are adaptable and up for trying new things, and can be flexible when weather or an unexpected travel mishap alters plans.

+ You are excited to connect and share experiences with others, but also value free-time to re-charge or have your own adventures.

+ You are always looking for a reason to celebrate! Whether it’s another traveler’s success, a beautiful day in Paris, a meaningful local connection, or finding the perfect baguette, this week is filled with positivity and there is always something to toast to.

Travel Filled group trips are open to any self-identifying female aged 21+ and all travelers are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


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